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Checks Payable to:
The Curators of the University of Missouri
on behalf of Missouri University of Science & Technology
Mailing Address:
Office of Sponsored Programs
Missouri University of Science & Technology
202 Centennial Hall 300 West 12th Street
Rolla, MO 65409-1330
NSF Fastlane Program Zip:
(573) 341-4134
(573) 341-4126


Awards to be sent to:
Craig David
Acting Assoc. Vice Chancellor of Research
Primary official signing documents:
Costas Tsatsoulis
Vice Chancellor of Research
Checks mailed to:
Email Inquiries:


Organization type:
Institutions of Higher Education and a Public Corporation under the laws of the State of Missouri
(Sec. 172.020 R. S. Mo.)
Tax Exempt Status:
Exempt by virtue of being an organization as described in Section 115 of the Internal Revenue Service Missouri University of Science and Technology is an instrumentality of the State of Missouri
Congressional District:
9th for Applicant
8th for Project
State Legislative District:
House: 25 
S&T DUNS number:
804883767; in some systems it also includes a four digit suffix in which case the number would be 8048837670000
All Grants

Personnel employed ≥ 75% FTE:

July 1, 2016-June 30, 2017: 26.00% + 7.65% (FICA)

Personnel employed < 75% FTE:

7.65% (FICA)


DHHS Fringe Rate Agreement
07/07/2016, valid 7/1/16–6/30/20


On Campus**
Off Campus**
    FY17–20 FY17–20
Instruction:   45% 26%
Research:   55% 26%
Other Sponsored Activity:   33% 26%


  • All capital expenditures (buildings, renovations, etc)
  • Individual items of equipment with a single unit value of $5,000 or greater and an estimated useful life of more than one year.
  • Personal laptops and desktop computers are not considered equipment.
  • The portion of each individual sub-award (subcontract) in excess of $25,000 whether services are obtained from an owned, related, or third-party hospital or other medical facility
  • All rental/maintenance of off-site activities (space)
  • All student support costs (e.g., student aid, dependency allowances, scholarships, and fellowships).

Activities conducted in facilities not owned by Missouri S&T and for which rent is charged to the project to use the facilities are considered off-campus.  Projects with both on-campus and off-campus activities must have budgets between those activities.