• General Data Management Plans:  Data management plan requirements vary by sponsor and even by opportunity.  The Data Management Planning Tool assists researchers to create, review, and share plans to meet funder and campus needs.  It is customized to our campus and provides templates for hundreds of different agencies.  For additional information, visit  To use the tool, visit

NIH Research Grant Proposal Development

Other Resources

  • Broader Impacts
    • Advancing Research Impact in Society (ARIS):  ARIS strives to advance the impact of research for the betterment of society.  They provide a wealth of information on the broader impact aspect of research.  Of particular interest is their Broader Impacts Toolkit.  The Toolkit provides guiding principles, a planning checklist, a wizard for developing project broader impacts plans, and a rubric for assessing BI plans.  The Toolkit can be found at ARIS Broader Impacts Toolkit - Rutgers University , and more information about ARIS is located at | Advancing Research Impact in Society ( .
    • The Connector:  University of Missouri’s The Connector seeks to connect research, resources, and ideas to benefit the people of Missouri and beyond.  They offer proposal consulting services for UM faculty, staff, and students and can assist with development of research impacts plans, identifying partnerships, and evaluation support.  For additional information see The Connector ( .
    • S&T’s Kummer Center for STEM Education:  The Center partners with school districts and S&T staff, faculty, and students to reach underrepresented student in STEM.  Additional information on their programs can be found at