Missouri S&T gathers and compiles funding opportunities on a monthly basis. This is a list of opportunities identified through PIVOT and

  • We cannot promise that the list is representative of all the research interests of S&T faculty, or that some opportunities will be missed.
  • This is intended to be a manageable list of recent research opportunities for review, hopefully saving researchers' time.

The following files contain selected current federal funding opportunities, excluding HSS, and selected current non-federal funding opportunities, as of March 15, 2022

Selected Federal Fund Opportunities Excluding HHS

Selected Non Federal Opportunities

The following PIVOT files are funding opportunities that are available in the next 3 months, as of March 15st, 2023:

All Federal Fund Opportunities Available in Three Months

Pivot-RP Fund Opportunities Available in Three Months



Please register for the MTEC-23-05-NavyMultiTopic “Navy Multi-Topic 2023 – Advanced Biomedical Product Development in Support of Naval Operations” Proposers Conference to be held on Friday, February 3rd, 2023 at 2:00 PM ET at:


The objective of the 23-05-NavyMultiTopic Request for Project Proposals (RPP) is focused on the advancement of engineering and medical prototypes and knowledge products related to a broad range of medical technological needs identified in the focus areas listed below. Relevance to the enhanced readiness and resilience of Navy and Marine Corps health and performance is a key feature of this RPP. This RPP includes the following focus areas:

  • Focus Area #1: Military Dental Research
  • Focus Area #2: Human Performance
  • Focus Area #3: Detection and Diagnostics


For more details related to Solicitation Number: MTEC-23-05-NavyMultiTopic please see: After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

The NASA Missouri Space Grant Consortiumis requestingproposals to expand studentresearch training and enhanceor establish outreachprogramswith the Consortium’spermanent members. The MOSGCexpects to award a total of$100,000 under this solicitation for proposals withanticipatedfunding levels up to$15,000per proposal. Proposals for lesser amounts will be considered. Note that, excluding NASA-OSTEM Internships, Fellowships, and Scholarships,a one-to-one cost share match is required for all funds awarded as a result of this solicitation. The Missouri Space Grant Officereserves the right to partially fund proposals if deemed appropriate.The main mission of the Consortium is to maintain and enhance, through the State's research universities and corporate partners, the Nation’s workforce capabilities in aerospace and space related science, engineering, and technology; and to aid in the dissemination of NASA related information to students, faculty, researchers, and the general public. The primary goal of the Consortium is to inspire, motivate, recruit, educate, and train students to be competent researchers at all academic levels in order to help meetMissouri’s and NASA’s need for skilled, knowledgeable, diverse, and high-performing professional scientists, engineers, technologists, and educators specializing in the fields of interest to NASA.EligibilityEligibility is limited to the permanent Affiliates of the Consortium.

Pertinent Dates
Date of Announcement: May 21st, 2021
Proposal Due Date: June 30th, 2021
Anticipated Period of Performance: August 15th, 2021April 30th, 2022


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The UM System together with the SIU System are providing a this resource to facilitate industry-related collaborations: Research Enabled.  Instructions for using the service are available here.


Missouri S&T subscribes to ProQuest PIVOT. Faculty and students can use this to:

  • Find and track funding opportunities including grants, fellowships, travel money, prizes, awards, visiting scholar programs, etc.
  • Identify researcher expertise from within or outside of Missouri S&T.

New user steps are:

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These short YouTube Videos from 1.56.2 minute training bites are available within the PIVOT website on a number of pages/topics to maximize user understanding and satisfaction. Some of the topics are also available at the following YouTube Links:

PIVOT Webinars
 are provided by the RefWorks/COS, the developer of the database search tool.  When you click on the PIVOT Webinars link, you have the option to set the time zone to show the local times and dates for upcoming webinars that have open registration.  Additionally, there are some pre-recorded trainings available on the site as well.

Training sessions will be made available, on campus, when the S&T account has been fully set-up.

In addition to PIVOT, a link to the website search portal is provided for your convenience. For training purposes, please visit training site.

Foundation Directory Online (FDO)

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An exhaustive and up-to-date knowledge and insight platform to help streamline funding and research needs.

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