Increase your proposal's impact with persuasive graphics, illustration, and visual strategy. We work with you to create anything from technical illustration, infographics, layout and table design, to higher order visual planning. 

Graphic representing the brainstorming part of the ideation process


Graphic representing the sketching and ideation part of the creative process

IdeatE & Refine


Graphic representing the publishing part of the creative process


"The proposal development team provided valuable support throughout the process. Sarah’s graphics allowed us to illustrate several key concepts very well while saving space for us. She also allowed us to effectively highlight the main points with pull out quotes. Summer’s revisions and questions allowed us to be explicit in our narrative and communicate to those on the panel who may not be from our discipline. She also worked with me to incorporate the feedback from the mock review panel she put together for us. All in all, the team significantly improved our proposal."

Kwame Awuah-Offei, PhD
Mining & Nuclear Engineering


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Once you have sumitted the above request form, please allow for at least 36 hours for our technical illustrator to reach out to you. She will set up a one-on-one meeting and provide further details for next steps of the process. If you have questions regarding this form, please contact Sarah Edmands Martin.