Campus Research Lab Access

Frequent Asked Questions regarding lab access during COVID-19

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How do I get a lab access?

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Google sheet:

Required supporting doc: EssentialLabActivityExceptionForm_Phase II template

Required signature from researchers: Form to Affirm Protocol and Rules

*New additions should be sent to Abigayle Sherman ( with copy to the Associate Dean of Research for the College, Dr. Angela Lueking for CEC ( or Dr. Melanie Mormile for CASE (

What is maximum capacity?

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What time schedule do I need to fill out?

Why do I need to fill out a time schedule?

This is to ‘box in’ the virus, and if there were an outbreak, we need to have the capability to perform contact tracing and help identify who may have been exposed on University property. This information will only be shared with the University’s Office of Student Health Services if there is a case of COVID-19 among the members of a lab.

Do I have to fill out a lab access form for each person?

What about undergraduate students?

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*the permission for undergraduates is specifically for after the Spring semester to be consistent with S&T rules of no students in classrooms or teaching labs. After the last day of Spring classes undergraduate students may go to the labs.

What if I need to work within six feet of another member of my lab?

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Who is responsible for determining the maximum capacity of a lab?

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When can I enter the lab?

Once 1) the FormtoAffirmProtocolRules has been emailed to Abbie Sherman with signature and 2) disinfectant has been delivered by EHS and 3) lab signs are posted on the doors, researchers are then clear to enter labs. Researchers must follow the schedule approved by the Department Chair/Center Director.

Why is there a maximum capacity of a lab?

This is to help maintain social distancing in the lab environment and prevent the spread of the virus. This information will go on an important safety door sign posted for each lab. [See attached example.]