We strive to handle as much of the administrative work as possible — from beginning to end — so you can focus on the technical details.

With individualized training and help with submitting proposals to funding agencies, and award management, we guide you the whole way. Grants and contracts are broken into two broad categories: pre-award and post-award.

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Customized assistance may include solicitation analysis, project management of the proposal process, and narrative development support.  Principal Investigators (PIs) can maximize Proposal Development staff services by securing assistance early in the process and enabling their Proposal Developer to function as a full project team member through proposal submission.


Duties include invoicing, monitoring account compliance, and preparing financial reports (e.g. quarterly and final reports, patent reports, property reports, final release).

peach hue - award closeout, gold hue - disseminate results, capped line - contract execution

The grant process moves from pre-award (submission, proposal and graphics development, and start of contract execution ) to post-award (award close-out, results disseminated, and end of contract execution).


Duties include solicitation analysis, gathering required and affiliate signatures, sub-contracting assistance, cost sharing or matching assistance, and conflict of interest advising.

dark blue shade - proposal development, medium blue shade - graphics development, capped line - contract execution period


To identify the OSP Administrator for your proposal submission, refer to the table below or check out Our Team for the current departmental assignments.


Pre-award Administrator
Melissa Chambers
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Psychology
  • South Central Regional Professional Development Center
  • Technology Transfer and Economic Development
  • Other departments not listed elsewhere
melissac@mst.edu x7553
Jessica Hays
  • Arts, Language Arts & Philosophy
  • Business and Information Technology
  • Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Enrollment Management
  • GGPE
  • International Affairs
  • Office of Academic Support
jnhkk7@mst.edu  x4135
Cynthia Stevenson
  • Biological Sciences
  • Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
  • Economics
  • Engineering Management and Systems Engineering
  • English and Technical Communication
  • History and Political Science
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Mining Engineering
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Physics
stevensonc@mst.edu x7272

Staff members in the Office of Sponsored Programs collaborate closely with Principal Investigators to navigate the complexities of securing sponsored research funding. While it is primarily the responsibility of the PI to ascertain that the proposal meets the specific requirements of a given funding opportunity announcement (FOA), OSP personnel work hard to ensure proposals meet university, sponsor, state, and federal requirements and to transmit complete proposal packages via various sponsor submission mechanisms.

Submitting proposal information according to the timeline described below enables OSP personnel to thoroughly vet applications, check components against solicitation requirements, and upload the many required files via the appropriate sponsored- stipulated mechanisms. In addition, adherence to the timeline allows for the proper management of any export control requirements, as well as the timely processing of human subjects research / animal research applications.

Note: Our office cannot guarantee submission unless all required documents are received in the office 3 business days prior to the submission deadline.


Principal Investigator Provides to OSP
As Soon as Possible
  • Link to solicitation/RFP/FOA
  • Notification of whether proposal involves:
    • Cost Share
    • Subawards
    • Task Budget Breakouts
    • Human Subjectsi
    • Biosafety Contaminantsii
    • Animals
    • Export Controls
10 full business days prior to sponsor deadline
  • Proposal Signature Routing Sheet (PSRS) Checklist
  • Cost Share Budget
  • Cost Share Commitment Formiii
  • Task Budget Breakout (if applicable)
  • Subaward Task Budget Breakout (if applicable)
  • Equipment over $50k checklist** (see below)
5 full business days prior to sponsor deadline
  • Budget
  • Budget Justification
  • Statement of Work
  • Investigator Formiv (NSF, PHS, SBIR/STTR only)
  • Subaward documents (if applicable)
    • Letter of Commitment signed by Authorized Signauture Authority
    • Budget (including task breakouts, if applicable)
    • Budget Justification
    • Statement of Workv
3 full business days prior to sponsor deadline
  • Project Summary/Abstract
  • Project Description/Specific Aims/Research Strategy (draft)vi
  • Current & Pending Support
  • Biographical Sketch(es)vii
  • Bibliography & References Cited
  • Facilities & Other Resources
  • Data Management Plan
  • Resource Sharing Plan(s)
  • Any additional forms required by the FOA

8am the business day prior to sponsor deadline                    

  • Finalized Project Narrative Document
  • Submission of IRB/IACUC Applications (if applicable)
  • Submission of proposal to sponsor portal or email (whichever is applicable) 24 hours prior to sponsor deadline)

RISK: Even if OSP personnel workload permits submission of full proposal materials received after the three- day deadline, the foreshortened review time may not allow for compliance vetting. In the event that the sponsor wants to fund a proposal that was submitted to OSP after the three-day deadline, Missouri S&T reserves the right to review and request changes prior to acceptance of an award or to decline the award if the budget or other commitments contained in the proposal do not conform to Missouri S&T requirements.

If your research proposal involves DoD-supported human subjects research, you must obtain prior scientific review of your proposal by your Department chair or his/her designee before submitting your IRB application. Please see Guidance: Additional Requirements for Department of Defense Human Subjects Research for more information.

ii  Including but not limited to recombinant DNA and synthetic nucleic acid molecules, infectious agents, biological toxins, human-derived tissues, fluids, or cells, certain animal-derived tissues, fluids, or cells, Federally-regulated Select Agents, experiments with Dual Use Research of Concern potential, and research requiring BSL3 containment.

iii For more information on cost share commitments, please refer to the Cost Share document.

iv For all investigators, a disclosure must be on file and active (Submitted within the last 12 months) at the time of proposal submission.

v Regardless of whether the FOA requires delineation of the sub-awardee SOW within the proposal package, OSP needs this information to execute the subcontract.

vi The Project Description/Specific Aims/Research Strategy/Bibliography draft are the only proposal components that may be in non-final status 3 full business days prior to the sponsor deadline. Although this draft may be replaced until 8am the business day prior to the sponsor deadline, all FOA-mandated narrative components must be in place in order for OSP staff to begin their review.

vii Although OSP personnel strive to vet and submit all proposals for which they receive full application materials, proposals received after the three-day deadline may not allow time for compliance vetting. By submitting after the three-day deadline, the PI incurs the following risks:

RISK: The proposal may not be submitted if OSP personnel workloads do not allow time for application upload (priority is given to applications submitted three full business days prior to sponsor deadline).


Proposal preparation duties


DutyPrincipal Investigator (PI)'s ResponsibilityOffice of Sponsored Programs (OSP)'s Responsibility
Obtain and follow agency guidelines for submission X X
Notify OSP of intent to submit proposal and Provide RFP X  
Review RFP/RFQ terms & conditions X X
Determine and obtain required forms X X
Determine F&A and fringe benefit rate X X
Develop brief scope of work for the project X  
Develop budget including any cost share1 X  
Review budget and justification1   X
Complete Conflict of Interest form*, if necessary X  
Provide DeptID authorization for all campus cost share commitments X  
Complete and submit Equipment over $50k checklist**, if applicable X  
Email budget and justification to OSP for review X  
Prepare Proposal Signature Routing Sheet (ePSRS)   Upon Request
Assemble and review final proposal   X
Prepare proposal cover letter   X
Obtain University authorization on proposal & submit to sponsor   X
Upload proposal documents into sponsor portal, when applicable X  
Complete the Departmental Guarantee Form***, if needed X  

 1. Pre-award team is available to aid in budget development pending staff availability and timing of the request. 

*Conflict of Interest

**Equipment over $50k Checklist

***Departmental Guarantee Form

PI, all Co-PI (s), PI Department Chair/Unit Director, providers of cost sharing funds, Dean's Office, and Vice Chancellor for Research.

A subcontract is a contract between Missouri University of Science and Technology (Missouri S&T) and another entity in the performance of a prime contract. These contracts can be for materials, equipment, or services and may require negotiation. The following are two (2) different types of subcontracts.

  1. Missouri S&T is the subcontractor—we receive a subcontract to partially complete work of a prime award given to another institution or company.
  2. Missouri S&T is the prime contractor—we issue a subcontract to another institution or company for work to be performed under the University's prime award. 
Subcontract Form 

The subcontract document will help OSP expedite your project. Specific information pertinent to the subcontractor is included in the document (project period, amount, invoicing instructions, and prime award terms and conditions). When completed, we will forward it to the subcontractor for signature. When the document is fully executed by both parties, all subcontract invoices will be processed by OSP for payment.

Research Agreement 

This industry contract is available to companies that intend to fund a Missouri S&T research project. This document was prepared and approved by the UM General Counsel and Missouri S&T’s Office of Technology Commercialization and Economic Development.  All necessary terms and conditions are included in this document, including confidential information, intellectual property, liability, and governing.  Please contact OSP for additional information about this contract and to begin the negotiation process.

Non-University Facilities Use Agreement  

Use this form to establish service agreements with non-University organizations/individuals.

Cost share or matching is the portion of the total sponsored program costs provided by someone other than the sponsor. All cost share must be agreed to by the department chair and vice chancellor for research. Cost share commitments made by a third-party must be documented at the time of proposal. Before submission of proposals, cost share must be evaluated for reasonableness whether stated in dollar amounts and/or percentages. Whether voluntary or mandatory, the commitments made in the proposal and made part of the award are binding. All cost share must be properly verified, recorded and reported in the University accounting system.

The online portal for proposal submission. For additional support, visit the PeopleSoft support page

Request Assistance

Requests for proposal development writing assistance must be submitted at least one month prior to the full proposal submission date and will be accepted based on Proposal Development staff capacity in relation to submission deadlines.  PIs are encouraged to request assistance immediately upon targeting a solicitation in order to determine whether proposal development staff assistance will be available.




Administrators in OSP manage post-award accounting for grants and contracts. Duties include invoicing, monitoring account compliance, and preparing financial reports (i.e., Quarterly and Final Reports, Patent Reports, Property Reports, Final Release, etc.)  Copies of all required technical reports, per the terms and conditions of the award, must be submitted to the sponsor and OSP by the date specified in the award agreement.

Post-Award Activities

  • Modify budgets and/or period of performance upon approval
  • Enter delegation of authority in the PeopleSoft System
  • Enter shared credit in PeopleSoft System
  • Invoice and report award expenditures
  • Monitor and report cost share requirements
  • Monitor expenditures and awards for compliance
  • Monitor capital equipment
  • Monitor and approve cost transfers (i.e., payroll correcting entries and cost transfers beyond 60 days)
  • Submit final expenditure reports and/or non-technical reports as required
  • Maintain correspondence related to projects in the official grant/project file
  • Monitor and process subcontract payments in accordance with the terms and conditions of the subcontract

To identify the OSP Administrator for your project, refer to the Grant Award Summary, or you can find it on the web at http://webapps.umsystem.edu/

  • Click on 'Web Applications' Login
  • Click on FIN Financial Reports
  • Click on Budget Variance 2: Project to Date Funds
  • Enter Project Number
  • Click on run report

The name of the OSP Administrator will be located in the upper part of the report.

The online portal for monitoring and regulating your application.