Check back regulary to stay informed with the latest updates from the Vice Chancellor of Research regarding how COVID-19 is affecting sponsored programs at S&T.

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Campus Research Lab Access

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Congressional and Federal Agency Responses and Opportunities Regarding the COVID-19 Outbreak

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The following message from the Vice Chancellor for Research was shared with faculty on 5/22/20.


consistent with the S&T repopulation plan ( and based on the recommendations by Dr. Goodman and the ad hoc lab access committee, we are moving to the next phase of opening research laboratories:

 1.       The next stage of lab opening commences on May 26, with oversight by department chairs and center directors.  Responsibility within laboratories to maintain appropriate social distancing, stay below lab max capacity, wear appropriate PPE, and adhere to laboratory safety protocols will be the shared responsibility of the PI and chair/center director.  In increasing the number of approved personnel for their unit, chair/center directors should target 75% of ultimate lab occupancy.  Here, occupancy levels refer to the total personnel approved to enter the laboratories at any time, rather than a set time interval. To arrive at 75% occupancy, chairs/center directors may use a guideline of opening labs for December 2020 graduation or research deadlines, or other criteria that are more suitable for their unit. 

2.       Chairs/center directors will continue to track laboratory personnel that may access any given laboratory using the excel spreadsheets on shared drives, such that this may be accessible to EHS, medical personnel , campus police, the VCR, and the ad hoc laboratory access committee.

3.       The efforts of the ad hoc lab access committee to provide secondary approval for chairs/directors will be redirected from reviewing lab schedules and student lists (via remote review of spreadsheets), to doing ‘spot checks’ in person that social distancing protocols are being adhered to in the laboratories.  The ad hoc laboratory access committee will develop scheduling to share this in-person oversight and review of opened laboratories.   In instances where the ad hoc committee notes lack of attention to COVID-19 protocols, they may make recommendations to the VCR to restrict access for that laboratory and/or department/center.

 Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Congressional and Federal Agency Responses and Opportunities Regarding the COVID-19 Outbreak

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Congressional and Federal Agency Responses and Opportunities Regarding the COVID-19 Outbreak

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Federal Updates - COVID-19 Agency Responses and Opportunities

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University World News reports 180 congressmen support call for US$26bn research support


Two updates were sent out today from the Vice Chancellor of Research:

1. Effective immediately the approval chain for GRA hires is changed.

Approval chain for student hires

2. At today’s ICT meeting, given the advice by Dr. Goodman and the support by Dr. Roberts, it was decided that S&T undergraduate students may join any opened research labs to conduct research over the summer. This does not extend to non-S&T undergraduates. I am excited to see our undergraduates having the opportunity to continue their contributions to S&T research.

Recent COVID-19 updates

Federal Update

Memorandum from Vice Chancellor of Research of Plan for opening additional research laboratories

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Zoom meeting containing Q&As with researchers

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The Congressional Research Service (CRS) interviewed APLU staff as part of their work to write a report that was put out this week. The report summarizes the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Federal R&D activities in the USA. It provides a great summary of actions taken by Federal research agencies, as well as the impact on University research. You can see in it that S&T is facing the same challenges as the rest of the country’s university research enterprise.

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We hope you find this report useful and informative. We will continue to follow national and State developments and will continue to keep our researchers informed.

Efforts by government agencies to provide researchers and Universities with some relief during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Agency Updates

The document is collecting these efforts in chronological order by agency, including ONR, AFOSR, NASA, DHS, NSF, etc. It informs about no cost extensions, additional funding opportunities, proposal deadline changes, etc. The most recent update is highlighted in YELLOW.

In the web site below you will find constantly evolving opportunities for COVID-19 related research projects and funding:

FUnding Opportunities

The key to getting ahead of this pandemic is for all of us to work collaboratively across the nation and the world.  Also, please keep in mind that COVID-19 related research has priority on our campus and researchers involved in it will be allowed controlled, safe access to laboratories.

Zoom meeting containing Q&As with researchers

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A matrix on agency guidance and response to OMB, compiled by COGR, is available below.

agency guidance and reponses

More detailed information and FAQs about specific agencies can be found here.

Updates on research laboratories, Office of Sponsored Programs and Agency Guidelines

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Guidance and FAQs for Researhers

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