Policies, Procedures & Resources


Reference Guide

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Effort Verification Report (EVR) Training
Facilities and Administration (F&A) or Indirect Research Costs
     Two-page primer developed by APLU and AAU
     FAQ developed by APLU and AAU
Federal Lobby Disclosure Act 2007
Glossary & Terms
Graduate Stipend 2013-2014
OSP Guidance/Policy Memorandums
     01 - Transfer of Equipment
     ‌03 - Establishing a Center
     04 - Internal Deadlines for Submitting Proposals to External Sponsors-Rev 09/17
     05 - Principal Investigator Eligibility
Missouri S&T Chancellor Policy Memorandums
Chancellor's Signature of Authority
     III-51 - Use of University Equipment & Resources by University Teaching & Research Staff in Non-University Work
     III-58 - Service Agreements with Non-University Organizations/Individuals Involving the Use of University Resources
 MRC Policy Manual
National Institute of Health (NIH)
     NIH Application Changes
     NIH New Forms and Instructions
     Public Access Policy
National Science Foundation (NSF)
     Proposal and Award Policies & Procedures (PAPP) Guide 10-1 effective Jan. 4, 2010
     Proposal and Award Policies & Procedures (PAPP) Guide 11-1 effective Jan. 18, 2011
     Proposal and Award Policies & Procedures (PAPP) Guide 13-1 effective Jan. 14, 2013
     Research Terms & Conditions Agency Specific Requirements Effective Feb 1, 2012
     Implementing All Project Reporting in Research.gov NSF-041 effective Mar 18, 2013
OMB Circulars
     CFR Part 220 (A-21)
     CFR Part 215 (A-110)
PeopleSoft Grants Electronic Approval Process
PeopleSoft 8.8  Grants Module Information
Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)
     RCR FAQ's
     S&T Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Plan
     Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) registration steps for RCR
     RCR Series - February 2010
UM Accounting Manual
     Section 60 - Sponsored Programs
UM Business Policy Manual
     BPM 203 - Facilities & Administration Cost Recovery (Grants & Contracts)
     BPM 210 - Grants and Related Contracts
     BPM 213 - Adjustment of Income & Expense Items
     BPM 407 - Inventory of Movable Property Equipment
UM Collected Rules and Regulations
US Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security
     Export Control