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Limited Submissions

The following are funding opportunities for which limited proposals can be submitted.  If the number of interested faculty teams exceeds the number allowed, an internal review will be conducted to select the proposals that will be submitted.  If you are a lead PI preparing one of these proposals, please send an e-mail to Dr. K. Krishnamurthy with the program solicitation number, proposal title and the faculty members involved.

Program Solicitation 

Internal Deadline for Intent to Submit Notification Internal Review Date Agency Deadline

-National Science Foundation (NSF)-

Major Research Instrumentation Program (MRI): Instrument Acquisition or Development NSF 13-517

11/1/2013  12/9/2013 Full Proposal:  1/23/2014

-Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU)-

Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award Application Materials


10/28/2013 2 Page Proposal and 1 Page Abbrev Resume: 12/2/2013 Announcment of selected Proposals: 12/13/2013 Full Proposal: 1/10/2014

-Department of Energy (DOE)-‌

Energy Frontier Research Centers


Letter of Intent (required): 11/13/201

Full Application: 1/9/2014

-Simons Foundations-

Simons Investigators in the Mathematical Modeling of Living Systems

9/16/2013 Week of 10/4/2013 Full Proposal: 10/28/2012

-National Science Foundation (NSF)-

Partnerships for Innovation:Building Innovation Capacity (PFI:BIC) NSF 13-587

9/6/2013 Week of 10/14/2013

Letter of Intent (required): 11/18/2013

Full Proposal: 1/27/2014

-National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)-

Advanced Manufacturing Technology Consortia (AMTECH) Program

8/21/2013 9/16/2013 Full Application: 10/21/2013

-National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)-

Summer Stipends Program

6/3/2013 Week of 7/22/2013 Full Proposal: 9/26/2013

-National Science Foundation (NSF)-

Materials Research Science and Engineering Centers (MRSEC's) NSF 13-556

5/20/2013 Week of 6/17/2013

Preliminary Proposal: 8/26/2013

Full proposal (by invitation): 1/10/2014

-National Science Foundation (NSF)-

Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S-STEM) NSF 12-529

5/20/2013 Week of 6/17/2013 Full Proposal: 8/13/2013

-Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)-

Undergraduate Science Education

5/6/2013 Week of 5/27/2013

Letter of Intent (required): 4/6/2013

Full Application: 10/1/2013

-National Science Foundation (NSF)-

Scalable Nanomanufacturintg NSF 13-545

4/12/2013 Week of 5/6/2013 Full Proposal: 6/3/2013

-National Aeronautics and Space Administration-

Smallsat Technology Partnerships

4/12/2013 Week of 4/29/2013 Full Proposal: 6/5/2013

-National Science Foundation (NSF)-

Nanotechnology Undergraduates Education in Engineering (NEU) NSF 12-534

3/13/2013 Week of 4/15/2013 Full Proposal: 5/22/2013

-National Science Foundation (NSF)-

High Performance Computing System Acquisition:  Building a More Inclusive Computing

Environment for Science and Engineering NSF 13-528


Full Proposal:

-National Science Foundation (NSF)-

Next-Generation National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (NG NNIN) NSF 13-521

2/1/2013 LOI Due:
Full Proposal:

-National Science Foundation (NSF)-

High Performance Computing System Acquisition: Building a More Inclusive Computing Environment for Science and Engineering NSF 13-528


Full Proposal:

-Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)/National Science Foundation (NSF)-

Networks for Characterizing Chemical Life Cycle (NCCLCs) NSF 13-524

1/18/2013   Full Proposal:

-Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)/National Science Foundation (NSF)-

Networks for Sustainable Molecular Design and Synthesis NSF-13-523

1/18/2013    Full Proposal:

-US DOT Research and Innovative Technology Administration-

University Transportation Centers Program FY 2013 Grant Competition (See pp 11-13 for Restrictions)

1/11/2013 LOI Due:
Full Proposal:

-Department of Energy (DOE)-

Consolidated Innovative Nuclear Research Grant DE-FOA-0000799

1/11/2013 Pre-Application:
Full Proposal:



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