The Best-in-Class (BIC) Strategic Areas for Investment Committee was appointed by Chancellor Schrader and Provost Wray to implement Action 2.1.1, "Identify two BIC areas for investment and initate discussion on another two BIC areas," and Action 2.1.7, "Finalize third and fourth BIC areas for investment next year," in the new Missouri S&T Strategic Plan, "Rising to the Challenge 2013-2020." Specifically, the charge to the Committee is:

  1. Review the Findings of the 2009-10 Task Force on Student Educational Capacity2010 Blue Sky Task Force Combined Report, Recommendations of the 2011-12 Task Force on Research Capacity, current 21st Century Grand Challenges, and other internal and external documents as deemed appropriate.

  2. Develop a process to solicit and prioritize input/proposals from faculty, departments and research centers.

  3. Create an internal website and hold open forums for receiving and disseminating information.

  4. Identify candidate strategic areas based on input received and committee's efforts.

  5. Recommend six - eight BIC strategic areas from which four will be chosen, rationale for the areas recommended and how they align with the new Strategic Plan.

The Committee will submit the first report summarizing its findings and recommendations for three - four BIC strategic areas to Chancellor Schrader and Provost Wray by December 23, 2013 and the second report for three - four BIC strategic areas by March 24, 2014.


NOTE: Some documents and reports are password protected and require UM System Single-Sign-On login.

  • Committee Meeting Minutes
  • Fall 2013 Proposals (Round I)